"Taking pride in being born Human comes with a pre-requisite -- be responsible and respectful towards other species with whom we have the privilege to share this wonderful planet with"  ~ Earl Reginhard

  Been a fantastic ride! First and foremost I am grateful to almighty for having given me many chances to explore and figure out what I really enjoy. Be it   being a Pilot,   actor, filmmaker, odd jobs or working the streets. Yes I’ve been lucky to experience all these. 

 Got my Commercial Pilot license and yet choose to be an Actor. I had an exceptional talent in Action at the time and assumed it would be an easy run in Mumbai. Kept   pursuing in Mumbai for several years before realizing that I was knocking at the wrong doors . Kind of  movies I wanted to be a part off took me to the U.S. I pinned my   hopes on pitching my first movie script “ZIA” — True Love Story Of Millions”  to Hollywood studios as I thought it was remarkable. Day dream ultimately hit a reality and hit me hard. If Mumbai was hard, Hollywood/LA was much times harder.

 USA as we all know is a very expensive country so I had to  take up odd jobs, worked three and half years on street to pay bills and survive. Needless to say when dream breaks it hurts a lot but it is what it is. One must face the reality of life. Choosing to ignore doesn’t work. I had to change my strategy. Started made short films with whatever little money I was earning. Movie making became by priority and doing so I had a chance to collaborate and make friends with fellow filmmakers. Meanwhile also kept on continuing to improve the script of ZIA as I learnt nuances of script writing. Just so you know I am not exaggerating;  must have written more than 500 drafts of the movie before pitching it to Hollywood actors. Fortunately Oscar & Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts showed a keen interest with the script and ZIA actually became a movie.

 You see no one took a bet on me. Because no one supported me I could also harbor those negative vibes and deny new talent (actors) the opportunities but I don’t see life that way.   In my first feature film “ZIA” I am introducing more than 10 new acting faces and as many technicians. And it’s my firm resolve to keep on giving new actors/technicians a platform and voice in all my upcoming projects.

 ZIA came out exceptionally well!  Now Earl is on the verge of  launching You Tube and Facebook channels to promote movie in the most unique way. Never been done   before.