Earl's is determined to fulfill all his initiatives!

1) “PAWS IN PEACE” — even street animals deserves to RIP.

Every other day I see a dead street animal lying on the street crushed to pulp or on the roadside like some trash. They need to have a decent burial and we the human being; the dominant species ought to ensure that they are delivered this basic respect!

2) “HOMELESS HEARTS” — secure home for all strays in India.

 Unfortunately till date Pure Breds are preferred over native Desi/Indie’s.  Desi are suppose to live and die on street rather than have a home as they are not considered pretty and intelligent as Pure Breds.


3) “RESPONSIBLE FILMMAKER” — ensure opportunity to new talent (actors) & technicians as well as spread the importance of welfare on animals and replenishment of our degrading environment.

One of the core mission in my life as a Filmmaker is to organically include welfare of animals and ways to replenish our rapidly degrading environment in the most entertaining way with all my movies. Also not merely speaking of giving new cast and crew opportunities but actually following it through. With ZIA I am introducing ten brand new actors as well as equal no of technicians.